The UV curing inner lining hose independently developed by Kaipu Rui is formed by folding glass fiber cloth into a hose and then impregnating it with UV curing resin. The raw materials of the hoses are all from high-quality domestic suppliers, and the seamless process is used to ensure that the hoses have appropriate expansion performance and adapt to changes in construction site conditions.    The product has been verified by a professional third-party organization, with advanced production technology and multiple digital quality monitoring processes to ensure the provision of high-performance hoses for customers.

—————————————————      产品优势       ———————————————
Benchmarking German processes, leading production technology
The Kaipu Rui production line draws on the advantages of German enterprise production line technology, independently innovates and develops, with high production efficiency, advanced equipment, reliable process, and complete lining hose testing equipment.
Kaipu Rui can customize the production of materials according to the construction requirements of different pipe diameters, such as producing non-standard lined hoses such as DN650. At the same time, it has rich experience in producing variable diameter hoses and first-class technology.
Non standard caliber, variable diameter hoses with leading production technology
The production capacity of large caliber or large wall thickness lined hoses is leading
Keprey can undertake production orders for large pipe diameters and wall thicknesses from DN1800 to DN2000. At the same time, Keprey has its own first-class material testing laboratory, which can meet the basic requirements for testing the elastic modulus and other indicators of lined hoses during the construction phase.
Kaipu Rui's domestic ordinary orders can be shipped in only 1-3 working days, with high production capacity and efficiency, especially suitable for the procurement and use of large-scale municipal drainage network non excavation repair and emergency projects.
Universal hose with high production efficiency and short delivery time
Storage condition
Normal temperature (0 ℃~25 ℃), waterproof, dark, ventilated, with a shelf life of 90 days; Stored in a constant temperature cold storage (5 ℃~18 ℃), the shelf life can be 180 days.
Transportation Conditions
Sunscreen and cooling measures should be taken during transportation, or at night. When the temperature exceeds 30 ℃ or falls below -5 ℃ for 4 consecutive hours, insulated vehicles should be used for transportation.
Temporary storage requirements
The temporary storage time on site in summer and winter should be controlled within 2 days. In summer, temporary storage on site should be done in a place that is dark, ventilated, and cool (5 ℃~25 ℃); Temporary storage on site in winter should have insulation measures, and the temporary storage temperature should be controlled between 18 ℃ and 25 ℃; It is strictly prohibited to transport to the site at a temperature below 5 ℃ for direct solidification construction. For temporary storage on site for more than 2 days in summer and winter, it is advisable to temporarily store them in air-conditioned containers or temporary warehouses, and fire and poisoning prevention measures should also be taken in the warehouses.
Cutting instructions
If the hose needs to be cut during use, it should be cut away from sunlight. After cutting, the pipe mouth should be immediately sealed with tape, neatly folded and boxed, and the length should be marked.
Construction requirements
(1) Carefully check the parameters such as hose diameter, length, and thickness before construction. (2) The curing speed of the hose is related to factors such as UV lamp type, power, number of sections, and environmental temperature. Before mass use, it is recommended to conduct on-site curing tests to determine the curing speed. (3) Under normal conditions, the inflation and pressure range of the hose is 0.2bar-0.35bar, and the pressure increase value is 0.02bar-0.05bar/min; During the construction of the connecting well section, the inflation and pressure range of the hose is 0.15bar-0.25bar, It is recommended to prioritize solidifying the middle well section and solidify at least 1 meter at both ends of the middle well wellhead; The inflation and pressure range of the variable diameter hose is 0.15bar-0.2bar. (4) At the beginning of solidification, 1-2 small openings should be cut at each end of the yellow film on the pipeline to allow a small amount of air in the outer film interlayer to be discharged, allowing the hose to fully expand and round. (5) The solidification construction should comply with the requirements of CJJ/T 210-2014 "Technical Specification for Non excavation Repair and Renewal Engineering of Urban Drainage Pipelines"

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