Warmly congratulate Mr. Vanick, President of IKT in Germany, on the successful technical exchange wi

Issuing time:2022-05-01 16:43

On July 1, 2023, Roland Waniek, President of the IKT Institute for Underground Infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as IKT), visited Kepley Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Kepley Chairman Xu Qunbing and Managing Director Wang Hongwei warmly welcomed this important expert and guest from the non excavation field in Germany.



It is understood that IKT is an authoritative organization in the global non excavation field, dedicated to solving practical and operational problems related to underground drainage pipelines and other pipeline engineering, with a main focus on drainage pipeline systems. IKT has extensive cooperation and exchanges with the non excavation related industries in China. The visit of the President of IKT Roland Waniek not only reflects Capri's international reputation and influence in the field of non excavation technology, but also lays a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two parties.

图片The picture shows IKT building in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

图片The picture shows the IKT jacking simulator ND1600

During his visit, President Roland Waniek visited the Capri brand exhibition hall, production line, and R&D laboratory to gain a deeper understanding of Capri's R&D strength and technological advantages. Wang Hongwei, the Managing Director of Capri, introduced Capri's business model, technical research, and practical experience in the field of non excavation to President Waniek in detail. At the same time, he reported on his commitment to solving the problem of pipeline non excavation repair in underground infrastructure construction and operation, Keprey's technology and equipment have been widely applied globally, with its low-carbon, efficient, environmentally friendly products constantly innovating in the trenchless repair industry.

图片The picture shows Roland Waniek President and Capri General Manager Wang Hongwei

Roland Waniek, President, highly praised Capri's development model and core product technologies, congratulated and appreciated Capri's achievements in non excavation applications, and stated that Germany's IKT and Capri share common concerns and goals in the field of pipeline engineering. As a leader in non excavation technology, Germany's cooperation with Chinese non excavation enterprises is of great significance. The two countries' research and development in pipeline engineering technology Experience sharing and in-depth cooperation in technical cooperation will have a positive impact on the global environmental protection industry. Xu Qunbing, Chairman of Capri, also stated that being able to cooperate with IKT in Germany is of great significance for Capri's layout in the global non excavation field. This technical exchange will consolidate further strategic cooperation between the two sides, Relying on the world's top trenchless repair technology, we truly achieve the vision goal of Kaipu Rui using technology to make the city better.

图片The picture shows Roland Waniek President and Capri Chairman Xu Qunbing

Capri is a Chinese lighthouse enterprise specializing in the trenchless field of production of UV-CIPP curing repair materials and equipment. The UV-CIPP lining hose products manufactured by Capri are currently used for the curing repair of DN100-DN2000 underground pipe network. Capri has a strong self owned fund, the most complete material laboratory in China and a professional team led by doctors, professors and academicians with the largest technical R&D scale, and works with the China University of Technology Multiple experts from China Polymer Materials Research Institute and others have conducted technical cooperation to provide strong technical support for product research, development, upgrading, and innovation.

图片The picture shows Roland Waniek's CEO visiting DN2000 hoses

The visit of President Roland Waniek this time is an important milestone for Capri, building a platform for in-depth strategic cooperation between the two sides. In the future, Germany's IKT and Capri will engage in deeper cooperation and exchange in technology research and development, project cooperation, and product application. The President of IKTRolland Waniek in Germany also issued a sincere invitation to welcome the Capri team to visit the headquarters of IKT in Germany and hopes that Capri will make greater contributions to the development of the global non excavation pipeline repair industry.


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